New Vision for Independence, Inc. (New Vision) is a nationally accredited 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and was incorporated on July 18, 2005. New Vision provides unique training to persons experiencing severe bilateral vision loss that is affecting their daily functioning in daily living, vocational, or academic activities. New Vision serves people of all ages — babies, children, teens, adults, and seniors — who reside in Lake and Sumter counties and The Villages. New Vision is the only provider of these vital services for this population in this geographic area.

Mission Statement

New Vision for Independence is committed to excellence in providing rehabilitation, community education, advovacy, and support services for people with low vision or blindness, and their families to promote independence, acceptance, and self-confidence.

Core Values

Client Centered. New Vision believes the client should fully participate in the planning of what services and training he/she chooses to receive based on the individual’s unique goals and needs. Instructors work with the client in assessing current level of functioning and basing all plans for training on the client’s goals and input. All training is provided in a manner that respects the client’s personal choices, empowers the client’s ability to advocate for him or herself, strives to improve self-esteem, and ultimately improves the client’s ability to maintain independence in personal, vocational, and academic pursuits.

Commitment to the Community. New Vision will promote understanding and awareness of the vision-related issues through community education. New Vision will advocate for policies and legislation that promotes access, inclusion, social justice, equal opportunity and informed choice for people with visual impairments. New Vision is committed to removing barriers to those who are disabled: environmental, social, attitudinal, vocational, and physical.

Commitment to Excellent Rehabilitation Practices. New Vision is committed to providing the best possible qualified staff to provide services and training to its clients. We employ certified staff, meet or exceed all Florida Division of Blind Services contract standards, and received national accreditation in 2011.

Values Statement

We are guided in all we do by the following core values:

  1. Provide personalized, individualized services.
  2. Be passionate and determined.
  3. Do more with less.
  4. Pursue smart, community-guided growth and learning.
  5. Build a positive team and family spirit.
  6. Embrace and drive change.
  7. Be creative and open-minded.
  8. Be open, honest, and accountable in our relationships with everyone we work with and with each other.
  9. Strive for balanced and diverse representation in agency governance, staff, and volunteers.
  10. Respect individuals and their dignity with strict confidentiality.

New Vision also has a DonorEdge portrait, reviewed by the Central Florida Foundation.