How You Can Help

Help a visually impaired child learn to read
$25 purchases two Braille storybooks
$50 sponsors group story time
$100 provides a week of instruction to the child and family

Help a legally blind man learn to take the bus to college
$10 covers bus fare during training
$25 purchases a white cane
$100 sponsors one lesson of mobility training to start learning bus travel

Help a teenager with low vision learn to make dinner
$25 purchases food & other supplies
$100 provides instruction in kitchen safety
$250 sponsors an overnight training activity

Help a great-grandfather with macular degeneration re-learn to pour a cup of coffee
$5 purchases a tray to minimize spills
$20 purchases a liquid level indicator, a small device designed to replace putting your finger in a hot cup of coffee to know how full the cup is
$100 provides instruction in pouring and kitchen safety

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