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Blind Babies program

Through contracts with the Division of Blind Services, grants, and other generous support, New Vision offers the Blind Babies/Early Childhood Intervention Program, for babies and young children through kindergarten with a bilateral visual impairment. Services through this program aim to help visually impaired children be as ready to learn and succeed in school as their sighted classmates. Instruction is provided wherever is most convenient for the family and includes training in:

  • Sensory and cognitive development,
  • Communication,
  • Personal management,
  • Adjusting to blindness,
  • Information and referral services.
Participants apply through New Vision. All services offered at no charge to eligible participants.

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VIKING Children's Program

The VIKING (Visually Impaired Kids Investigated New Ground) program for children age six through thirteen is a comprehensive, full-year Children's Program to build on and develop independent living skills. 

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VITAL Transition Program

The VITAL (visually impaired teens accessing life) Transition program is for visually impaired high school students to prepare them for life after high school and successful entry into college or the workforce. Services include:

  • Assessments,
  • Activities of daily living, including money management, time management, cooking, cleaning, etc.,
  • Job readiness, interview skills, resume writing,
  • Assistive technology and computer use,
  • Adjustment to blindness counseling,
  • Orientation and mobility, and
  • Self-advocacy.
Participants must register with the Division of Blind Services (DBS) to access available services and resources. Training provided by New Vision is via referral from DBS.

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Employability for VIPs Vocational Rehabilitation

The Employability for VIPs (visually impaired persons) Vocational Rehabilitation Program is for adults with a bilateral visual impairment wanting to return to work or maintain their current employment. Participants must apply through the Division of Blind Services (DBS) to access all the resources available. Most training is provided by New Vision by referral from the DBS Rehab Specialist. Services include:

  • Assessments,
  • Necessary independent living skills training,
  • Assistive technology training to ensure competitive typing speeds and computer knowledge,
  • Orientation and mobility for safe travel in the community,
  • Braille training as desired,
  • Job readiness training to teach overcoming barriers to employment, resume development, job searching, interview skills, and
  • Job placement for ready individuals.
You can contact DBS Orlando directly by calling 1-866-841-0928 or by visiting

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Adult BLIND Independent Living Program

The Adult BLIND (blind living in new dimensions) Independent Living Program is for adults over the age of 55 with a bilateral visual impairment who need assistance adapting to vision loss in order to maintain maximum independence in their homes and in the community. This program is also available for adults under age 55 who do not wish to participate in the Vocational Rehabilitation program. Training in this program includes:

  • Independent living skills training, such as kitchen safety, accessing print materials, dialing the phone, adjustment to blindness counseling, and low vision devices training,
  • Braille literacy,
  • Orientation and mobility for safe travel in the home and in the community, and
  • Assistive technology to use a computer confidently.
Participants will apply through New Vision.

While services through New Vision may differ slightly, this video from DBS about the Independent Living Program can give you an idea of the services available under this program. It is presented with audio descriptions.


To be eligible for free services and programs, you must meet the eligibility criteria from the Division of Blind Services:

"An adult must have a visual impairment in both eyes and require services to: improve or maintain their independence at their home and community, OR to obtain, maintain, or retain an employment outcome."

For children, the eligibility criteria is: 

"The child must have the presence of a bilateral visual impairment which, with best correction for that individual, constitutes or results in a substantial impediment to the child’s ability to learn, function independently, or to become employed; and a reasonable expectation that services may benefit the child and family in terms of education, independence, and transition."

Interested in Services?

If you are interested in New Vision's services, please fill out our message form. We will contact you to begin the application process.

Support Groups

1st Thursday at 10:00 am (does not meet from June to Sept)
Hawthorne Community Recreation Center, Leesburg
Inform the gatehouse you are attending the VISA meeting
Jackie @ 352-323-8193

1st Thursday at 1:00 pm
Bridgeport Recreation Center (across from Palmer Legends)
Contact Jim Stickel 614-565-4013

1st Wednesday at 11:30 am (no meeting in November or December)
For lunch Angelo's Italian Restaurant, Tavares
Call Jayne Maravola @ 352-435-5040 or

LAKEVIEW TERRACE, Community Building, Altoona
Jan, March, May, July, Sept, Nov @ 1:00 pm
Inform the gatehouse you are attending the visually impaired support group
Call Leslie Stephens @ (352) 669-2133 extension 2242

Shining Light on Blindness vision awareness

We offer training to help raise your awareness of the abilities of people with low vision and the obstacles they face daily so you can ensure positive interactions with and provide excellent customer service to those experiencing vision loss.

Intro to Blindness
Overview of what you should know about blindness and services for the blind. This overview is not designed to be a staff training.  Length: 1 hour | Cost: free

Understanding Blindness
Intensive, customized training including:

  • Experiential activities tailored for YOUR field
  • What Do You Do When You See a Blind Person?: effective communication and interaction with a visually impaired person
  • Common eye conditions, legal definitions, and the grieving process
  • Overview of vision rehabilitation services
  • How to Guide a Blind Person: human guide training
  • Customer Service & the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Blindfolded activities to simulate common activities (and how those challenges can be overcome)
Length: 3 hours | Capacity: groups of 6-14
Cost: $250 (multi-group discounts available)

Contact Chantel Buck for more information:

Consumer Feedback

New Vision encourages feedback about our services. Use the form below to leave us compliments, suggestions, or constructive feedback. If you wish to have us contact you, please include your contact information. You may also: 

  • call us at (352) 435-5040,
  • email us at, or
  • send us mail at New Vision, 9501 US Hwy 441, Leesburg, FL

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