White Cane Safety Day

A person wearing a blindfold holds the arm of another. The person without a blindfold hold a printed page with an assignment on it. Both people are looking at the camera smiling.
Close Your Eyes, Clermont, 2017

In honor of White Cane Day, join us for the annual Close Your Eyes event. During this eye-opening hour, you will briefly don a blindfold and acquire first-hand knowledge of the abilities of our neighbors who are blind or visually impaired.

Attendees will be taught how to be a safe human guide and then you will be paired up (so bring a friend or co-worker along!). One person on each team will be blindfolded and assignments will be given to complete a task with no vision, then you switch places. Teams will be expected to walk to various locations nearby within 4-5 blocks. Shoes for safe, comfortable walking a must!

This year, we have events at three locations for your convenience:

Space is limited – pre-register by October 10 using this form or by email to Shelly at sgerig@newvisionfl.org.