Independent Living Services

Adult BLIND Independent Living Program

The Adult BLIND (blind living in new dimensions) Independent Living Program is for adults over the age of 55 with a bilateral visual impairment who need assistance adapting to vision loss in order to maintain maximum independence in their homes and in the community. This program is also available for adults under age 55 who do not wish to participate in the Vocational Rehabilitation program. Training in this program includes:
  • Independent living skills training, such as kitchen safety, accessing print materials, dialing the phone, adjustment to blindness counseling, and low vision devices training,
  • Braille literacy,
  • Orientation and mobility for safe travel in the home and in the community, and
  • Assistive technology to use a computer confidently.
Participants will apply through New Vision.
While services through New Vision may differ slightly, this video from DBS about the Independent Living Program can give you an idea of the services available under this program. It is presented with audio descriptions.