Community Education

Shining Light on Blindness vision awareness

We offer training to help raise your awareness of the abilities of people with low vision and the obstacles they face daily so you can ensure positive interactions with and provide excellent customer service to those experiencing vision loss.

Intro to Blindness

Overview of what you should know about blindness and services for the blind. This overview is not designed to be a staff training.  Length: 1 hour | Cost: free

Understanding Blindness

Intensive, customized training including:
  • Experiential activities tailored for YOUR field
  • What Do You Do When You See a Blind Person?: effective communication and interaction with a visually impaired person
  • Common eye conditions, legal definitions, and the grieving process07
  • Overview of vision rehabilitation services
  • How to Guide a Blind Person: human guide training
  • Customer Service & the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Blindfolded activities to simulate common activities (and how those challenges can be overcome)
Length: 1-3 hours | Capacity: groups of 6-14
Cost: $25 per person
Contact Chantel Buck for more information: