Youth Services

Blind Babies program

Through contracts with the Division of Blind Services, grants, and other generous support, New Vision offers the Blind Babies/Early Childhood Intervention Program, for babies and young children through kindergarten with a bilateral visual impairment. Services through this program aim to help visually impaired children be as ready to learn and succeed in school as their sighted classmates. Instruction is provided wherever is most convenient for the family and includes training in:
  • Sensory and cognitive development,
  • Communication,
  • Personal management,
  • Adjusting to blindness,
  • Information and referral services.
Participants apply through New Vision. All services offered at no charge to eligible participants.

VIKING Children’s Program

The VIKING (Visually Impaired Kids Investigated New Ground) program for children age six through thirteen is a comprehensive, full-year Children’s Program to build on and develop independent living skills.

VITAL Transition Program

The VITAL (visually impaired teens accessing life) Transition program is for visually impaired high school students to prepare them for life after high school and successful entry into college or the workforce. Services include:
  • Assessments,
  • Activities of daily living, including money management, time management, cooking, cleaning, etc.,
  • Job readiness, interview skills, resume writing,
  • Assistive technology and computer use,
  • Adjustment to blindness counseling,
  • Orientation and mobility, and
  • Self-advocacy.
Participants must register with the Division of Blind Services (DBS) to access available services and resources. Training provided by New Vision is via referral from DBS.