Vocational Services

Employability for VIPs Vocational Rehabilitation

The Employability for VIPs (visually impaired persons) Vocational Rehabilitation Program is for adults with a bilateral visual impairment wanting to return to work or maintain their current employment. Participants must apply through the Division of Blind Services (DBS) to access all the resources available. Most training is provided by New Vision by referral from the DBS Rehab Specialist. Services include:
  • Assessments,
  • Necessary independent living skills training,
  • Assistive technology training to ensure competitive typing speeds and computer knowledge,
  • Orientation and mobility for safe travel in the community,
  • Braille training as desired,
  • Job readiness training to teach overcoming barriers to employment, resume development, job searching, interview skills, and
  • Job placement for ready individuals.
You can contact DBS Orlando directly by calling 1-866-841-0928 or by visiting dbs.myflorida.com.