White Cane Day


Celebrate White Cane Day with us!

Thursday, Oct. 15 @ 9:55-11:05 a.m.

In honor of National White Cane Day, join us for our annual Close Your Eyes event—this year, via Zoom!

During this eye-opening hour,

  • Learn more about and celebrate the abilities of our blind neighbors,
  • Participate in interactive activities,
  • Show your support for the full participation of blind Americans in our community.

Also known as Blind Americans Equality Day…

Every year since 1964, October 15 has been deemed National White Cane Safety day. In more recent years, the phrase “Blind Americans Equality Day” has been adopted. Whatever the title, the goal is the same: ensure and champion the full participation of blind Americans in every facet of our society, every day.

Visit our Events page for the link to join us!